Baby Comics, and a Sort of Veggie Nuggets Recipe

My friend Abby, who also happens to be one of the twins’ godmothers, sometimes gets a kick out of making comic strips out of the photos of the twins. Sometimes she uses the photos that I’ve posted online; sometimes, I send her a series of shots as a sort of caption-this challenge. And she’s always up for it! She really has a knack for coming up with scenarios and dialogue that seem just right for the twins’ facial expressions. Of course, I admit there’s got to be a certain extent of bias factor here, but still, I swear they’re funny! Here’re a couple of examples: comic_photo shoot twin toddlers posing The latest edition of her baby comics is a result of a series of photos that I took while the twins were sampling some veggie nuggets that I tried making. She kept the veggie nuggets scenario but the rest was pure improv 🙂 comic_veggie nuggets 1 comic_veggie nuggets 2 Actually, the twins loved the veggie nuggets, and polished off quite a lot. The next day, however, it seems that the novelty has worn off and they didn’t eat as much, but we were happy to eat all the leftovers! Here’s how I prepared the nuggets, which was based on this recipe. Sorry for not including exact measurements, I more or less just threw things in. Also this is the first time that I’m posting anything remotely resembling a recipe so please bear with me 🙂

Yummy Veggie Nuggets for Toddlers (and adults, too!)

Ingredients: broccoli carrots potatoes malunggay or malunggay powder onion garlic herbs egg bread crumbs

veggie nuggets, main ingredients

veggie nuggets, main ingredients

How to cook: Boil the potatoes and carrots. Steam the broccoli. Mash the carrots and potates and let cool. Saute onion and garlic in a bit of olive oil or cooking oil, then add the steamed broccoli, mashing it up while cooking. In a bowl, mix everything up: the mashed potatoes and carrots, the stir-fried broccoli, malunggay powder, egg, and seasoning (herbs, salt, pepper). I added a bit of cheese too, because the twins love cheese. If you’re using fresh malunggay instead of powder, steam the leaves along with the broccoli. veggie nuggets mash Form into patties and coat with bread crumbs. If the patties aren’t forming firmly enough, add some bread crumbs. On the other hand, if the mixture is too dry, add another egg. Fry the patties in some olive oil or cooking oil. veggie nuggets cooked Serve to hungry toddler and enjoy a few yourself!

Ulap enjoying her veggie nuggets

Ulap enjoying her veggie nuggets


18 thoughts on “Baby Comics, and a Sort of Veggie Nuggets Recipe

  1. I like the names of your twins, Ulap and Dahon. I have a friend who named her son, Araw. Pretty unique! Thank you for sharing the recipe. It sure looks yummy. 🙂


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