Tipid Toys: Reused Plastic Materials

I’m supposed to be startingĀ a Tipid Toy Tuesday post series, then I realized that it’s already Wednesday! Let’s just say Tipid Toy, then šŸ™‚

So I’ve posted about our Tipid ToysĀ before, which are everyday/household objects that we use as toys for the twins. Since I usually go for theĀ lazyĀ fuss-free approach, these “toys” require minimum set-up/preparation and hardly cost a thing, but have been proven to be useful in entertaining the twins and even teaching them a thing or two.

Our Tipid Toy for today is reused plastic materials (I can’t really even say recycled, much less upcycled because I didn’t really do anything to them). See, because of my mother-in-law, we’re something of a pack rat household. Everything that can conceivably be reused gets carefully cleaned and hidden away. Our kitchen closets tend to get clogged, but like today, it sometimes pays off. Setting up playtime for the twins was a simple matter of pulling out measuring scoops,Ā yogurt containers, and an empty ice cream container from the kitchen shelves.

Then it’s pretend cooking/eating time!

tipid toy 2a

These days they’re all about slurping sabaw. Lagot kami pag walang sabaw ang ulam.

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