The Bookworms of Game of Thrones

In general, I usually prefer reading the books before watching any film adaptation, but HBO’s Game of Thrones was one of my few exceptions, because the show was so good that it was such a treat to come into each episode with no idea what was going to happen next.

However, after three seasons, the show’s ever growing popularity makes it really difficult to avoid stumbling onto spoilers online, and I’ve had to watch several episodes with a sigh of resignation because I accidentally read a spoiler some scumbag posted online.

So now I’m hitting the books. I already read the first one after watching Season 1 when it first aired, and the plan was to read the second book after watching the second season, and so on. That was the plan, at least, until life (read: pregnancy and twin babies) got in the way and I was never able to finish the second book. But now, armed with a new iPad that allows me to read in a dimly lit bedroom with a baby asleep beside me, I’m fast catching up. As in fueled-by-the-recently-aired-season-fast. As in still-suffering-withdrawal-syndrome-from-the-recently-aired-season-fast. Only a few chapters to go until I finish the last book! And then I join the ranks of those eagerly awaiting the publication of the next book but afraid to rant about the delay for fear that George R.R. Martin would kill another Stark if we keep pestering him about it.

In the meantime, in honor of the books and books in general, I collected some choice quotes from A Song of Ice and Fire, searched for some cast photos, et voilà. A little tribute to the written word. Because reading books really is something, no matter how good the film adaptation is.

books as mind's whetstone

tyrion lannister

there's always one more book

samwell tarly

a thousand lis

jojen reed

another world in every page

aemon targaryen