Great Food and Great Deals Through Food Panda Food Delivery

We eat home-cooked meals most of the time because it’s more economical, not to mention it’s easier to adjust recipes or choose ingredients to make the food healthier or more attractive to our twin toddlers. However, I do admit that there are times—when things are hectic, or the fridge is almost empty and we can’t do groceries yet—it’s really nice to hark back to my single/pre-kid lifestyle and just order food delivery!

a generous serving of  burger and a french fry thief, er, toddler

a generous serving of burger and a french fry thief, er, toddler

In the olden times, i.e., my said single/pre-kid era, deciding to order food delivery means that someone will leaf through a bunch of fliers to consider restaurant and menu options. If you’re at home, the fliers will be stuck to the fridge or on a countertop somewhere. Of you’re in an office, the fliers will likely be in a somewhat frazzled and disorganized clear book. After aimlessly leafing through the clear book a couple of times or brainstorming for a few minutes with your companions, you will suddenly realize that you want to order from Restaurant X. You will then turn pages back and forth, and discover that the flier for Restaurant X is missing, whereupon you will complain very loudly to the whole office why that particular flier is missing. You will then spend the next ten to twenty minutes deciding again where to order, collecting everybody’s orders, and finally making the call—and consider yourself luck if your call gets you through a real person right away.

So yeah, there were also some inconveniences to food delivery.

Nowadays, though, you only have to be connected to the internet and things can go much faster. A lot of the major restaurants have their own website and online delivery services. But even better, there are services like Food Panda that gives you the opportunity to consider a wide range of restaurants and check out their menus.

I haven’t tried this type of service before, but through the online community Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I recently had an opportunity to try out Food Panda.

Food Panda Homapage

Just enter your location and off you go

Using the website was quite easy. You simply input your location and the site will generate a list of restaurants that deliver to your area. A few clicks more will let you check out the menu of your chosen restaurant, select your order, select your payment option (credit card, paypal, or cash on delivery), and give your delivery address and contact info. A few minutes after placing your order, you will receive a phone call, SMS, or email confirming that your order is on the way.

There are several advantages to using Food Panda rather than going directly to the website of your usual choice of restaurant for food delivery: 

  • It allows you to conveniently consider restaurants that you might not have tried before or have been meaning to try.
  • I was also glad to see small restaurants in our neighborhood in the list generated for me. These relatively small businesses might not have their own websites or delivery services, but they can now conveniently outsource that through Food Panda.
Big chains as well as neighborhood restaurants

Big chains as well as neighborhood restaurants

  • This also means that whether you’re at home, office, a friend’s house or wherever, you can easily draw up a list of restaurants near you. If you’re using the app instead of the website, you don’t even have to input your location because the app will just use your phone’s location services. Cool, eh?
  • You can sort or filter your list according to cuisine, operating hours, and payment options.
  • You can also check out which restaurants have any ongoing deals or promo tie-ups with Food Panda. I got a 40% discount on my order from Big B Burgers on top of the voucher I got through Mommy Bloggers Philippines because of this. Not bad! 
Discounts through Deal of the Day

Discounts through Flash Meals promo

I do wish, however, that Food Panda’s network will increase quickly so there will be more restaurant options, especially in my area of Quezon City. Services should also be consistent. I’ve used the site only a couple of times and the first time, the phone call confirmation came really quickly and the food arrived way before the stated delivery time. The second time, however, it took 10 minutes before I received order confirmation and the food was 30 minutes late. Fortunately, the email confirmation also provided a mobile number that allowed me to contact the restaurant directly to find out the status of my order.

Overall, I wouldn’t mind using Food Panda again, and I’ve downloaded the app which makes ordering even easier. Here’s to exploring more food options!

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