Twins on Hyperlapse: Yoga Session

Instagram recently launched the app Hyperlapse and I immediately fell in love with it. Just the thing for documenting twin toddler antics, when they’re doing nothing in particular but just being their adorable selves! 

This time, however, I happened to record them doing their “downward dog” pose. A lot of toddlers do this, but in the Philippines, there’s a saying that when a baby is able to do this pose (which I suppose first happens around the first birthday), it means the baby is asking for a baby sibling already. Good thing I don’t really go in for such folk beliefs, as my post just the other day showed. Because otherwise – *shudders* – No girls, you two are more than a handful already! 

Anyway, enjoy the madness along with me. It’s a 47-second hyperlapse of I think was about a couple of minutes’ worth of video. I swear, Hyperlapse is so fun. Of course, one can also adjust the speed of videos using video editing software, but there’s something about instant gratification, and the app is after all developed by Instagram. I expect I’ll be using Hyperlapse quite a bit. Wish me luck managing my phone memory 🙂 

Edited to add: I learned about Hyperlapse through the Fashion by Mayhem Instagram account, a favorite source of reliable cuteness 🙂