Someone once told me that I’ve gotten my happy ending, and in the typical fairy tale sense, yes, I guess I have. Married to a wonderful man and blessed with lovely twin daughters, I am now living my happy ending. But as the fairy tales don’t tell you, living a happy ending still need a lot of work. Things can get difficult, challenging, maybe even ugly. It’s not really happy every step of the way, and that’s okay. Because a story that ended at a happy ending is exactly that—it’s ended. And my story is still being told. And every day, I decide to live my happy ending. And all the good happy endings always come with magic and adventures.

gandalf quote

I used to blog, on and off for many years, in howling at the moon, but as I took up blogging again, I realized that maybe it’s time to close that particular chapter in my story. Every post in that blog was like a journey worth taking, but I’m tracing a different journey now, as the story still unfolds.

Other past blogging incarnations:

Human Nature. Official blog of Conservation International.

Samu’t Saring Buhay. A group blog with colleagues in the conservation sector. http://samutsaringbuhay.wordpress.com/author/wolverina/


About the blog header: It reflects my current state as I juggle work, interests, and building a home, as we savor each day with our twin daughters, Dahon and Ulap. 🙂

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