still howling

Wow. No blog post for one and a half years. I’ve never been a very prolific blogger, but even for me one and a half years is something. But you know how it goes: you keep meaning to write, then somehow you can’t find time to write, or the mood to write, or get that elusive starting paragraph that’s supposed to set you off. But really, I know these are just excuses. Ultimately the reason is because you don’t sit down and just write.

Also, to be fair, the past couple of years I had also been a bit preoccupied making and raising these two little things:


my twin girls, Dahon and Ulap, when they were 10 months

And so, as I try to get back into blogging, I also know that this blog will no longer be the same. There will now be stuff on diapers and feeding and baby milestones and pediatrician visits, things that were absolutely alien to me before but now constitute pretty much most of my world. However, I still hope to write about the usual things I used to love writing about—random musings, anecdotes of encounters with friends and strangers alike, travel, work, the environment, maybe a bit of current affairs. I haven’t quite figured out how it will work. I’m hoping for balance, I’m hoping for variety, I’m hoping for humor and yes, readers and maybe new blogger friends. But most of all, I’m just hoping to write.