Great Food and Great Deals Through Food Panda Food Delivery

We eat home-cooked meals most of the time because it’s more economical, not to mention it’s easier to adjust recipes or choose ingredients to make the food healthier or more attractive to our twin toddlers. However, I do admit that there are times—when things are hectic, or the fridge is almost empty and we can’t do groceries yet—it’s really nice to hark back to my single/pre-kid lifestyle and just order food delivery!

a generous serving of  burger and a french fry thief, er, toddler

a generous serving of burger and a french fry thief, er, toddler

In the olden times, i.e., my said single/pre-kid era, deciding to order food delivery means that someone will leaf through a bunch of fliers to consider restaurant and menu options. If you’re at home, the fliers will be stuck to the fridge or on a countertop somewhere. Of you’re in an office, the fliers will likely be in a somewhat frazzled and disorganized clear book. After aimlessly leafing through the clear book a couple of times or brainstorming for a few minutes with your companions, you will suddenly realize that you want to order from Restaurant X. You will then turn pages back and forth, and discover that the flier for Restaurant X is missing, whereupon you will complain very loudly to the whole office why that particular flier is missing. You will then spend the next ten to twenty minutes deciding again where to order, collecting everybody’s orders, and finally making the call—and consider yourself luck if your call gets you through a real person right away.

So yeah, there were also some inconveniences to food delivery.

Nowadays, though, you only have to be connected to the internet and things can go much faster. A lot of the major restaurants have their own website and online delivery services. But even better, there are services like Food Panda that gives you the opportunity to consider a wide range of restaurants and check out their menus.

I haven’t tried this type of service before, but through the online community Mommy Bloggers Philippines, I recently had an opportunity to try out Food Panda.

Food Panda Homapage

Just enter your location and off you go

Using the website was quite easy. You simply input your location and the site will generate a list of restaurants that deliver to your area. A few clicks more will let you check out the menu of your chosen restaurant, select your order, select your payment option (credit card, paypal, or cash on delivery), and give your delivery address and contact info. A few minutes after placing your order, you will receive a phone call, SMS, or email confirming that your order is on the way.

There are several advantages to using Food Panda rather than going directly to the website of your usual choice of restaurant for food delivery:  Continue reading

Our First Halloween Party, with Mommy Bloggers Philippines

I’ve been a mom for nearly two years now, but a lot of times I still feel really clueless. A lot of things are googleable, fortunately, although of course what worked for some may not work for others. Much of the time, you really just have to learn through experience, by plowing through it all, bloopers and all, cluelessness and all.

For example, Halloween. I mean, what is that. I grew up with no concept of Halloween as it is commonly celebrated now, with candies and costumes and kiddie events. When I was growing up November 1 was simply “Undas,” where instead of going to a party you go to the cemetery, and instead of collecting candies you collect the melted wax slowly trickling down the lit candles in front of your dead relatives’ graves. It could also be some sort of family event, though, since you get to meet your other (living) relatives in the cemetery and sit around eating and chatting and, in the case of one memorable Undas year for me, learn to play tong its from your cousins.

That sort of thing is still done now, of course, but somehow somewhere along the way we’ve also picked up the western way of celebrating Halloween by dressing up in costumes and going trick or treating. And apparently, in the kid world, it’s become kind of a big deal.

I used to feel iffy when I first observed this development years ago. Medyo imbyerna lang. I was all, why are we imitating Western customs? Now, however, the practice is so widespread, so I just shrug my shoulders and think, well, resistance is futile. If this is a fun way of injecting a bit fantasy and magic to my kids’ lives, then I guess I’m ok with having them dress up in costumes and participate in a fun event or two.

Now, all this is actually just one long intro to an account of the event we attended last weekend, the first Halloween party of Mommy Bloggers Philippines, a Facebook-based group of, well, mommy bloggers of which I am a member. It was my first time to attend an event with the group and actually only my second blogging-related event, the first being the Ogalala event which was open to everyone anyway. It was also the twins’ first Halloween/trick or treat event.

MBP trick or treat

The whole experience was interesting, a mixed bag of boos and yeys, much like a trick or treat bag I guess. Let me share some highlights:

Yey: I dressed up the twins in fun, hassle-free costumes.

Their age and likot tendencies, the limits of my creativity/craft skills, and my unwillingness to buy ready-made department store costumes were major factors in my decision to dress them up as minions from the film Despicable Me. We already had minion bonnets bought last year, which they haven’t really used beyond a photo opp or two. So it was only a matter of dressing them up in denim jumpers and yellow shirts, and cutting up some old socks to make the logo/patches. Voila, cute minion twins!

twins' minion costume

my twin minions!

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My Favorite Viral Twins

And no, I don’t mean the disease-causing type.

Since word first got out that I’m having twins, friends would sometimes tag me or post on my timeline to show me viral posts of cute/adorable/hilarious/relatable links on twins. And cute/adorable/hilarious/relatable they are! Here are some of my favorites:

5. Tatata-Talking Twins. 

These chatty cuties have even appeared on Ellen!

4. Fed Twice.

This hasn’t happened to us exactly, but there might have been some switching of bottles here and there, with one twin managing to get the one with more milk 🙂

twin fed twice
3. Putting twins to sleep.

In separate rooms. With both twins mobile and obviously not at all sleepy. Good luck, Mommy!

putting twins to sleep cap
2. Making breakfast with twins

Yes, it can definitely be like this. Twins do tend to appear the moment we open the fridge, and why not? It’s a magical cold box filled with food and stuff to tinker with and spill. They can’t lose.

making breakfast with twins
1. Dancing Twins.

My favorite, and one of the first ones to appear on my feed. These girls are just too adorable! They’re a little older now, but their youtube channel shows that they’re still at it!

When tagging us on these posts, friends would ask, tongue-in-cheek: Is it like this? Does this happen to you? Well, yes. Indeed, raising twins does come with a lot of cute/adorable/hilarious situations.  There are also a lot of stressful situations, of course, but for the sake of our sanity we’d want to look at them as cute/adorable/hilarious instead. Because if there’s another thing that we keep hearing from friends, again and again, it’s this: we are blessed. Doubly blessed, wonderfully blessed, and we are thankful.

Twins on Hyperlapse: Yoga Session

Instagram recently launched the app Hyperlapse and I immediately fell in love with it. Just the thing for documenting twin toddler antics, when they’re doing nothing in particular but just being their adorable selves! 

This time, however, I happened to record them doing their “downward dog” pose. A lot of toddlers do this, but in the Philippines, there’s a saying that when a baby is able to do this pose (which I suppose first happens around the first birthday), it means the baby is asking for a baby sibling already. Good thing I don’t really go in for such folk beliefs, as my post just the other day showed. Because otherwise – *shudders* – No girls, you two are more than a handful already! 

Anyway, enjoy the madness along with me. It’s a 47-second hyperlapse of I think was about a couple of minutes’ worth of video. I swear, Hyperlapse is so fun. Of course, one can also adjust the speed of videos using video editing software, but there’s something about instant gratification, and the app is after all developed by Instagram. I expect I’ll be using Hyperlapse quite a bit. Wish me luck managing my phone memory 🙂 

Edited to add: I learned about Hyperlapse through the Fashion by Mayhem Instagram account, a favorite source of reliable cuteness 🙂

Facebook friends who make me facepalm and those who keep me on Facebook

We all have our Facebook faults, as well as finest moments.

fb friends

Facebook friends who make me facepalm:

  1. The ones who are always sharing tips/warnings/promos that are so obviously fake you have to wonder if they should ever be allowed within range of a wifi signal.
  2. The ones who tend to share satirical news items thinking that they’re real news. Most often they are the same people as #1. I just feel that it deserves a separate item because it’s especially cringe-worthy.
  3. The ones who post status messages in textspeak. Well, I’m just not going to read that. I’m probably not the target audience anyway.
  4. The ones who are always angry. At every little thing. A little righteous indignation is ok, but constant complaining about First World problems is just making my eyes hurt from all the rolling.
  5. The one who’s always posting baby pictures. Yes, I am fully aware that sometimes this person is me. Yes, I know there are countless other baby photos in the world and people don’t really need to see another one. No, I will not stop posting baby photos. I will, however, promise to never post baby poop photos, because apparently some people do that although fortunately not on my feed. Eeww, wtf dude.
  6. I guess this is sort of the mother category of #5. The ones who are always posting about basically the same thing. Food pictures. Workout stats. Rants/raves about a tv show that I don’t watch. The keyword here is “always”. Really, there’s no need to share all of that all the time. Except maybe if it’s related to a particular cause/advocacy, because I do that too.
  7. The ones posting tv/movie/book spoilers. How. Could. You. Okay I did this once before too, but c’mon. It was Harry Freaking Potter. I sort of assumed everyone knew that – um, nothing, forget it.
  8. The one who was always posting selfies. Always. But thank God you stopped. Don’t go into relapse now.

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Blogging for education: my new blogging stint!

Officially put on another blogging cap today, as among the bloggers of the newly-launched blog of Dane Publishing, Inc.dane logo

Dane has been in the publishing business since 1987, producing textbooks, magazines, and other educational materials used in public and private schools. The blog is intended to supplement Dane’s roster of instructional classroom materials by featuring interesting content that teachers and students alike can check out. Thanks again to Blessie of Nanay Notebook for connecting me and other bloggers with Dane!

Not surprisingly, my first posts are environment-related, namely renewable energy and the Philippines’ new underwater territory Benham Rise. I see this blogging stint as another opportunity to write about topics such as these that are close to my heart, but I’m looking forward to exploring other topics as well. Hhmm, I wonder what those other topics can be? Any suggestions?

In the meantime, check out my posts and other interesting articles in the Dane blog!

Benham Rise Whale SharkFilipino scientists explore new underwater territory

Two years ago, the size of the Philippine territory grew by 13 million hectares, an area that is about three times the size of Luzon Island. (View full article)


Bangui windmillsPlugging in to renewable energy

Are you interested in getting electricity from the wind and the sun? Why not, right? Unlike coal, gasoline, or diesel, the energy from sources like the wind and the sun is clean, and what’s more, it’s free! (View full article)


DIY: Cardboard Puzzle for Toddlers

My DIY project today is a puzzle inspired by a post I saw in Legal Mom Archives (thanks Mommy Edel!), except hers is more creative and mine is the shortcut version 😀 The creative arts (visual as well as performing) have never been among my strong points, but apparently being a mom means one has to be creative in a lot of ways, from coming up with play ideas to putting meals together to thinking up ways to distract a toddler on the brink of a meltdown! Thank goodness for Internet and mommies who blog about their projects!

DIY cardboard puzzle

I chose familiar characters that they’d surely want to see made “whole”

Still, it’s a work in progress. The moment the twins started trying to put the pieces together I saw why Mommy Edel chose to make a “housing” to frame her puzzle: without it, the pieces get easily nudged about. So I guess the next project is to make that frame. Or maybe use some sort of adhesive at the back. Double-sided tape? Velcro? Or make the pieces really interlocking like a jigsaw? There’s really something to this being creative thing—you get to think, and you get to create.

Materials: cardboard for recycling, scissors, printed drawing, scotch tape. Procedure: Glue photo onto the cardboard, making sure that the whole paper gets pasted neatly. “Laminate” with scotch tape. Cut into desired shapes and number of pieces. 

still howling

Wow. No blog post for one and a half years. I’ve never been a very prolific blogger, but even for me one and a half years is something. But you know how it goes: you keep meaning to write, then somehow you can’t find time to write, or the mood to write, or get that elusive starting paragraph that’s supposed to set you off. But really, I know these are just excuses. Ultimately the reason is because you don’t sit down and just write.

Also, to be fair, the past couple of years I had also been a bit preoccupied making and raising these two little things:


my twin girls, Dahon and Ulap, when they were 10 months

And so, as I try to get back into blogging, I also know that this blog will no longer be the same. There will now be stuff on diapers and feeding and baby milestones and pediatrician visits, things that were absolutely alien to me before but now constitute pretty much most of my world. However, I still hope to write about the usual things I used to love writing about—random musings, anecdotes of encounters with friends and strangers alike, travel, work, the environment, maybe a bit of current affairs. I haven’t quite figured out how it will work. I’m hoping for balance, I’m hoping for variety, I’m hoping for humor and yes, readers and maybe new blogger friends. But most of all, I’m just hoping to write.