At 21 months, worried and yet not worried

We brought the twins to the pedia today to have their third and last Prevenar shot, and man am I glad to have put that vaccine behind us. It’s the most expensive! Then of course the cost is times two for the twins!

twins at the clinic

waiting for the doctor. it’s like they knew what awaited them, ha ha!

Still, I can’t help but be thankful. We were after all able to pay for the vaccine. The doctor said she has a lot of patients sick these days, but the twins are healthy. They’re just the right weight for their age. They had a bout of cough and cold a couple of weeks ago but the symptoms were slight and were over in a few days. And yes, one twin’s teeth need a bit more brushing and the other twin’s left ear need some drops, but otherwise everything is okay.

We discussed the need to wean them from their bottles and introduce sippy cups for their milk, along with increasing solids and decreasing milk intake. “Kareerin mo ang solids,” our pedia told me. Gulp. Really need to pay more attention to the menu to really whet their appetite. These days they’re all about sabaw, but I also want them to be more adventurous and eat all sorts of healthy food. And because we’re cutting down on the night feedings, we need to have healthy breakfasts ready for them regularly, not just pan de sal or scrambled eggs or whatever leftovers are hanging around. I’ve never been much for cooking, and the maid knows basically just the typical sinigang, nilaga, ginisang gulay type of dishes, so we’ve got our work cut out for us. Recommendations for easy, healthy dishes for toddlers will be most appreciated!

And I realized, not for the first time, that this is yet another way that having children forces us to change for the better. We now have to eat better, cook better, wake up earlier. Not relishing the latter, but really, we have to do better.