Making a Human Heart Nature Commitment

I have come to the party a little late, but here I am just the same. I finally signed up as a Human Heart Nature dealer. I’ve been buying a few of their products regularly for some time now (baby wash, facial wash, sunflower oil, lip balm), so I figured why not extend my patronage to the other products as well and get a regular discount in the process? Dealers get at least 15% discount depending on their sales, and while I really don’t expect to sell, I’m estimating that our household consumption will be enough to cover the minimum monthly purchase requirement to keep the discount. I also told our maids that they can use my discount in case they want to buy something for their own use or for selling to the neighbors here in our compound.

I registered last week through the online registration facility at their website and immediately received feedback from a sales associate. After a few email exchanges to facilitate some additional orders I had, I paid the amount due yesterday, and this morning, my dealer starter pack arrived!

I immediately opened the box because I was excited at checking out the contents, but it turned out that the twins were even more interested than I was. A box with a bunch of little bottles inside? It was a hit. They probably spent an hour or so playing with it. They’ve managed to remove all the tape sealing the bottle tops and even completely open and pull out the conditioner’s bottle pump before I had the chance to take everything upstairs and take a picture.

Human Heart Nature Sample Pack

PhP799 plus shipping gets you a sample pack of HHN bestsellers

The Human Heart Nature Sample Pack that I received contains (shown from left to right in the photo) fragrance-free soap, dishwashing liquid, spray sanitizer, mosquito repellant, sunflower oil, lip balm, feminine wash, shampoo, men’s deodorant, men’s facial wash, lotion, and facial wash. Except for the dishwashing liquid, the sample sizes are 50 ml. I gave the shampoo and lotion to the maids and the lip balm to my mother-in-law, and of course the men’s products will go to my husband.

I’ve always liked Human Heart Nature’s advocacy and social enterprise-geared business model. As the box in the photo shows, they make natural, gentle, good-quality products in a manner that is pro-poor, pro-Philippines, and pro-environment. What’s not to like? Of course, I’m not expecting to absolutely love everything in their line-up but I think there’ll be quite a few I’d end up buying regularly. I’m hoping my tendency to get skin allergies from scented products won’t get too much in the way, and I’m glad that HHN at least has a fragrance free soap that I can try. Any recommendations would be welcome! After all, we can all benefit from being pro-poor, pro-Philippines, and pro-environment in many aspects of our life 🙂

3 thoughts on “Making a Human Heart Nature Commitment

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  2. I love HHN products and I am a dealer myself. Some of my favorites from HHN include the Moisturizing Facial Wash, the Sunflower Oil, Citrus Burst Sanitizer and their mineral makeup. I also use HHN’s baby wash, lotion and oil on Astrid.


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