Facebook friends who make me facepalm and those who keep me on Facebook

We all have our Facebook faults, as well as finest moments.

fb friends

Facebook friends who make me facepalm:

  1. The ones who are always sharing tips/warnings/promos that are so obviously fake you have to wonder if they should ever be allowed within range of a wifi signal.
  2. The ones who tend to share satirical news items thinking that they’re real news. Most often they are the same people as #1. I just feel that it deserves a separate item because it’s especially cringe-worthy.
  3. The ones who post status messages in textspeak. Well, I’m just not going to read that. I’m probably not the target audience anyway.
  4. The ones who are always angry. At every little thing. A little righteous indignation is ok, but constant complaining about First World problems is just making my eyes hurt from all the rolling.
  5. The one who’s always posting baby pictures. Yes, I am fully aware that sometimes this person is me. Yes, I know there are countless other baby photos in the world and people don’t really need to see another one. No, I will not stop posting baby photos. I will, however, promise to never post baby poop photos, because apparently some people do that although fortunately not on my feed. Eeww, wtf dude.
  6. I guess this is sort of the mother category of #5. The ones who are always posting about basically the same thing. Food pictures. Workout stats. Rants/raves about a tv show that I don’t watch. The keyword here is “always”. Really, there’s no need to share all of that all the time. Except maybe if it’s related to a particular cause/advocacy, because I do that too.
  7. The ones posting tv/movie/book spoilers. How. Could. You. Okay I did this once before too, but c’mon. It was Harry Freaking Potter. I sort of assumed everyone knew that – um, nothing, forget it.
  8. The one who was always posting selfies. Always. But thank God you stopped. Don’t go into relapse now.

Facebook friends who keep me on Facebook

  1. The ones who manage to inject their humorous/wry wits even in posts about the most mundane things. I guess this is pretty subjective since we all have different wavelengths and sense of humor, but I am grateful that there these types of people in my Facebook network, including those that I am not even that close to in real life.
  2. The ones who post interesting and thought-provoking links, whether they’re news, in-depth feature articles, or nonsensical lists much like this one. Again, “interesting” is pretty subjective, but to these people, thanks for the worthwhile reads. I hardly read the news or explore a lot of websites these days that there’s a big chance that if it didn’t appear in my Twitter/Facebook feed, I would never know about it.
  3. The Facebook friends who are my close friends in real life. Yes, even those I don’t see very often. I’m still interested in knowing what you’re up to, so I’m thankful for social media for making that possible. Yes, let’s meet up in real life soon. Yes, we always say that. No, we probably won’t actually meet in the near future, but I’ll see you in the comment threads.
  4. The positive thinkers who manage to inspire without being a humblebrag about it. It’s a fine line, a delicate balance. I’m happy for you, and thanks for the good vibes. That said, I’m sort of also looking forward to the day when everyone’s 100 happy days are over and they can post about stuff that make them happy without feeling the need to put a hashtag on it. Or, conversely, not feel the need to post anything at all because they have to fulfill some sort of happiness quota.
  5. The ones who do things in the facepalm list but also do things on this list. Way to keep it interesting, yo. The beauty and complexity of the human spirit and all that. At the end of the day, really, to each his own. Walang pakialaman ng trip. As long you’re not actually triggering murderous thoughts within me, sure, post away. I can always hide you anyway. And vice versa.

38 thoughts on “Facebook friends who make me facepalm and those who keep me on Facebook

  1. So weird when one posts photos of baby poops or any kind of poop for that matter. I mean, why??????? These people make life interesting and we can always decide to facepalm and then move on to the next post. 🙂


  2. I super hate selfies. Last year, I accepted 3 new friends on FB and was horrified to find out that all three of them were avid self-lovers! My goodness, my newsfeed was flooded with their faces tapos minsan may quote pa na wala namang connect! hahaha.

    I don’t mind a selfie once in a while pero pag too much, then coupled with unending rants and negativity, plus some opinionated thoughts on issues on Vhong Navarro and all that…grabe..I just had to sought the help of my dear good friend named “hide”.


  3. Hahaha this made me laugh! I’m not always on Facebook (I’d rather see inspiring stuff on Instagram), but when I do check my feed, I see a lot of #4s and #8s from the first category!


  4. “constant complaining about First World problems is just making my eyes hurt from all the rolling” hahahahaha! I feel you!! I also hate those who repost kadiri photos – duguan, sugat, dead people. come on!! Alright I am ranting. Better stop. Hehehehehe!


  5. Selfies are ok but please not everyday naman. Jusko napa flood ang feeds sa kaka selfie. Same angle and same face lang naman. Well, I was once a selfie addict but that was years ago nung hindi pa uso ang selfie. Hahaha! Sometimes, I am annoyed to use facebook kasi puro kayabangan lang madalas nilalagay ng mga tao. I use it for business na lang this time like blog posts and my small business. =)


  6. I usually unfollow the ones who post selfies all the time. Kairita lang hehe. I know it’s none of my business, but still, I don’t like my timeline getting flooded with photos of one person in different angles. But I do have friends who are very interesting–yung napaka-witty ng posts. Reading through a timeline with posts like that de-stresses me.


  7. Ugh. I totally agree with everything, especially the people who make us facepalm! Goodness, some people are too gullible that they believe every single thing they see on Facebook. I’m not a fan of people who share anything and everything, it’s like they stop every few minutes to take a photo of something.


    • It’s all part of the Facebook package 😀 Napapaisip lang ako sometimes when I see a teenage facebook friend posting all those selfies. I get a moment of dread for my twin’s teenage years, when I’d have to put up with typical teenage behavior that might seem inane to me, he he


    • sometimes I actually browse through my own timeline to check if I’ve been posting too much…I hope not, ha ha! but we all have different comfort levels. among my friends, there are definitely some who hardly post their kids’ photos. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle 🙂


  8. My face palm kinda moment: seeing a FB contacts’ selfies in a whole album named, Selfies 2014 and another with Selfies, same exact pose just different backgrounds, much like copy paste mode.

    I am a selfie person but not that in that way lol.


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