DIY: Cardboard Puzzle for Toddlers

My DIY project today is a puzzle inspired by a post I saw in Legal Mom Archives (thanks Mommy Edel!), except hers is more creative and mine is the shortcut version 😀 The creative arts (visual as well as performing) have never been among my strong points, but apparently being a mom means one has to be creative in a lot of ways, from coming up with play ideas to putting meals together to thinking up ways to distract a toddler on the brink of a meltdown! Thank goodness for Internet and mommies who blog about their projects!

DIY cardboard puzzle

I chose familiar characters that they’d surely want to see made “whole”

Still, it’s a work in progress. The moment the twins started trying to put the pieces together I saw why Mommy Edel chose to make a “housing” to frame her puzzle: without it, the pieces get easily nudged about. So I guess the next project is to make that frame. Or maybe use some sort of adhesive at the back. Double-sided tape? Velcro? Or make the pieces really interlocking like a jigsaw? There’s really something to this being creative thing—you get to think, and you get to create.

Materials: cardboard for recycling, scissors, printed drawing, scotch tape. Procedure: Glue photo onto the cardboard, making sure that the whole paper gets pasted neatly. “Laminate” with scotch tape. Cut into desired shapes and number of pieces. 

12 thoughts on “DIY: Cardboard Puzzle for Toddlers

  1. Hi Mommy Rina. Thank you for mentioning my post. I love Hello Kitty! Yes that was the reason why I made a housing for my puzzle and why I used corrugated board, =)


  2. Awwww yes, my son and I, did something like this too- we used super heroes. It is less costly, yes. And you know Rina, when your twins get older and you will be needing to teach them numbers, you can cut out those numbers from those big company calendars, and stick them on old used folders – no need for number flash cards.


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