Environmental killjoys

at the risk of appearing totally vain, sometimes I come across my former writings and think, “Hey, that’s not too bad.” Or, in this case, “I wish this message gets out there more.” In the forests and in the streets of Metro Manila, a lot of trees are getting destroyed (by illegal cutting, typhoons or what-have-you). Let’s make it our business to make sure that the right trees are also being planted.

samu't saring buhay

Admittedly, being an environmentalist can make a killjoy out of you. In the same way that I can’t understand my vegetarian friends and sometimes make fun of them (“But cows are vegetarian, you should be able to eat them, right?”), my friends sometimes can’t really relate to how I refused to eat at McDonald’s for months because I heard that they refused to minimize their styrofoam use (courtesy of that email circulated by Gary Granada), or how I’d rather plan a nature trip to Batanes or Bohol than go on a shopping trip to Bangkok. Just the other day my sister, an Air Force pilot who’s currently stationed in Palawan, sent me an SMS telling me that my mother – my mother – has been repeatedly asking her to bring back a myna from Palawan. Bring back as in smuggle, you see. Smuggle back a threatened species that’s been captured…

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