Toddler Milestones You Don’t Read Much About

At almost 20 months old, my twins are now nearly twice as long and four times as heavy as they were the day they were born. Wow. No wonder the bed seems more crowded these days (I sleep with only one baby at a time, but she usually insists on sleeping perpendicular to me, as if she’s trying to occupy as much space as possible).

This time last year, I think I was still glued to my babycenter app a few minutes of every day, reading everything at least twice and making sure that everything’s normal. Milestones were pretty important, and I could not wait for them to reach the major ones – turning over, crawling, sitting up. When will they do it, when? Why is one twin doing it already and not the other one?

These days, I’m more relaxed. Yes, feeling veteran mommy lang. Of course I still glance at milestones lists and see that they’re usually on track, except in language development because they’re not saying much yet. But I try not too worry too much, because I respect that they have their own pace.

So in this post, I choose to honor “milestones” that are not usually in those babycenter-type lists. At nearly 20 months, my twins:

  • Can reach and get stuff from almost every table and counter top in the house, it’s beginning to seem that nothing is safe.

  • Can get up to and down from the bed without mishap. Took countless times of stopping them in mid-headlong plunge to the floor with a stern, “Dahon/Ulap, paano ka bababa?” to achieve that, and it’s completely worth it.
  • Turning out to be quite the little helpers. They are already familiar enough with our household routines to know the things that need to be done and the items needed to do them. They’d fetch hair brushes and shoes for each other after bath time, they’d point to or bring me my slippers when I get home, they’d remind us to turn the electric fan off when we’re about to leave the room, they’d obey instructions to put away their toys (not all the time, and they’d promptly scatter everything again the next minute, but hey, it counts, right?). Sometimes they’d even “help” put diaper cream or lotion on each other, as I’d they’re each other’s baby dolls. How cute is that?
  • Can actually spoon food up and transport it to mouth without mess – sometimes, when they’re in the mood. This is a commonly-cited milestone but it just makes me so happy I can’t resist putting it here.
  • As long as they have some toys or bottle to occupy themselves with, they can be patient enough to understand and not start bawling if I say “wait” when I have to leave the room for a little while. Wait, Mommy has to pee; wait, Mommy has to run to the other room to get diapers because you just pooped. A couple of times during our recent yaya-less days they were even able to play contentedly long enough for me to take a quick shower, albeit with the bathroom door open. Safety-wise, of course, it wasn’t ideal, and I thank God that nothing untoward happened.
  • Can balance on a ball. I don’t know why they do that. Do all toddlers do that? I find it partly horrifying (what if they lose balance and hit the floor?) and partly fascinating. They, on the other hand, find it absolutely amusing so I just try to roll with it.
  • Can gnaw on bottle nipple until it breaks. Not that I’m celebrating this one, mind you. But golly, they didn’t use to do that. Our trusty Avent nipples are giving up one by one!

Also, you can’t always tell it when they’re grabbing each other’s toys or pushing each other, but it’s obvious that they love each other. A lot of times, the first thing that they do upon waking up is look for the other one. When they see each other, there’d be smiles and shouts of glee and maybe even an instant habulan game. They also fight a lot—over toys, over me, over snacks—but when they’re not fighting, they like sitting or playing next to each other. They have their individual personalities and strengths, but they know they’re a team. And that’s a pretty great milestone, wouldn’t you say?

5 thoughts on “Toddler Milestones You Don’t Read Much About

  1. Ang cute! Ako, I stopped referring to external sites for milestones when Yuri was around the twins’ age din. As long as he’s happy and healthy, I’m happy! But I do have the occasional “milestone check” parin 😀


  2. Oo nga, ako rin nakaka relate. Same age yung toddler ko with your twins. Mas relax na rin ako. Just go with the flow. Anyway each child is unique naman so no worries as long as you’re doing something to enrich or maximize their learning time. Hehe. 🙂


    • there’s always this niggling feeling that I’m not doing enough to provide them learning opportunities, but as a first-time parent, I’m also still learning. ayoko i-pressure ang twins ko, so ayoko ring ma-pressure, ha ha


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