expecting twins

My husband and I both have twins somewhere in the family tree so it was really a possibility for us to have twins as well. My husband, in fact, was basically counting on it; he was so sure, he already had names picked out years before we were even married.

But still, when the moment of truth finally came and I was informed that I was having twins, it still took my breath away. Imagine the scene: I was lying on the bed in the ultrasound room, barely getting used to the feeling of that thing in – okay forget it – I was getting my first ultrasound, nine weeks into my pregnancy, okay? I was barely getting used to the feeling of being pregnant, for goodness’ sake. The doctor was chatting, joking around as he began the procedure. He even joked about the possibility of twins, actually, but he was just joking! So when he finally said, there’s another one, it didn’t feel real at all. I had to ask him to repeat it. “Was that a joke?” I said. No, he said, as he continued to prod around, there’s really another sac. While I was lying there with my mouth open, unable to speak for while (I don’t remember now, but when I was finally able to speak it was probably along the lines of “Oh my God oh my God”). Don gleefully did a fist pump and moved around so he could get a better view of the ultrasound screen. The doctor told the nurse that it’s a twin pregnancy, whereupon the nurse left, as it turned, to secure a piece of paper from the cashier stating the additional amount we’d need to pay for the procedure owing the fact that it’s a twin pregnancy. It was the first of our many double/good for two expenses.

Anyway, in the next few minutes, the doctor ascertained that there were two sacs and two healthy heartbeats—we heard two healthy heartbeats!—and for good measure even found out that there’s a third sac-like thing hanging around somewhere but it’s empty. We never learned what the deal with that was. The doctor didn’t even remark on it on his report, and it was gone by the time of my next ultrasound two weeks later. What he didn’t tell us, but put in the report for my ob to explain to me later, was that something in the lining of the sacs or the uterus was not as thick as it should be. I had to take medications and basically walk on eggshells for the next two weeks, until the next ultrasound showed that things were okay.

The rest of the pregnancy was pretty much like that. There were moments of surprise, elation, suspense, worry, but on the whole, things were pretty much okay. Right up until I delivered the twins two weeks premature, and then it was a completely different rollercoaster ride altogether. That’s another story, of course. But on that first day, on that first ultrasound, it was all…wonder. We were having twins, and we were filled with a sense of wonder. “Wow. Kaya ng powers mo?” (Wow. Are you up to it?) my sister replied, when I messaged her the news. Wow indeed. Wow. As for the other thing, well, I don’t know. I have to be, so of course! Yes!

And here we are. And I am still filled with wonder. And joy. And gratefulness. Every day. Every day.




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